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Attracting New Clients Has Never Been Easier

vha marketing buttonReaching new clients while maintaining the same superior level of service to current clients is the goal of all customer service. But without consistent branding, a clear message, developed goals, and a marketing plan in place, how are potential new clients discovering your veterinary practice? VHA Business Services helps veterinary practice owners create a consistent, branded look and feel to their practice, complete with messaging and graphics, and develop ongoing marketing plans designed to entice new customers to make an appointment and establish customer loyalty among repeat clients.

Don’t Let Potential Business Walk By

Get started today with VHA Business Services and discover how marketing can help increase the exposure of your clinic, bring in new customers, and grow the bottom line of your business:


Annual Marketing Plan and Calendar

An annual marketing plan will help veterinary clinic owners outline their goals for the year and determine the best routes to take in order to achieve those goals. Let VHA Business Services assist in developing an annual marketing plan specific to your needs, goals, and budget, as well as a calendar to provide step-by-step, achievable strategies in order to obtain those goals. Whether your goal is to improve customer retention, grow revenue, increase in staff size, or introduce a new service into your business, an annual marketing plan and calendar from VHA Business Services will help keep you and your staff on track.

Branding and Identity Consulting and Design Services

First impressions are important. Your brand is the first impression potential clients have with your clinic, and if your brand isn’t clear, it can be hard to win over potential clients. From font and graphics to colors and messaging, a brand is involved in every level of your veterinary clinic. VHA Business Services can help develop a new brand or assist with a rebrand with advice, strategies, and design services to ensure the application of your brand in all facets of your business.

Client Service Testing and Feedback

Ongoing client service testing and feedback in the form of secret shoppers is a beneficial way to ensure your customer service is top-notch. Secret shoppers experience every level of your business, from scheduling an appointment to discharge papers, and afterwards provide feedback and reporting to the veterinary clinic owner at every step. This allows you to determine where you and your team are excelling and where opportunities are for improvement, so that future visits by clients can be enhanced on and customer loyalty can grow.

Digital Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Other than secret shoppers, how do you know that clients appreciate and enjoy their experience with your clinic? Through customer satisfaction surveys! Asking your clients for their honest feedback on their experience provides helpful insights to your customer service, allowing you o enhance customer loyalty, protect revenue, and improve profitability.

Graphic Design Services

In need of a new logo, social media artwork, or mailing pieces? VHA Business Services can assist with graphic design services, ranging from quick and small projects to ongoing, living projects. Custom, beautiful graphic design give your brand and business a vibrant, fresh look and can be used to attract new customers, retain loyal customers, and enhance your overall veterinary brand.

Pet-Owner Mailing Lists

There are some customers who don’t utilize social media or search engines to find their local veterinarian, or keep up with the latest information about their veterinary clinic. How do you reach these people? Through custom, targeted mailing pieces to pet-owner mailing lists. VHA Business Services can provide a list of pet-owners in a targeted area based on several key demographics, which veterinary clinics can utilize to distribute new client information, specials, and more. Let us help you reach a new demographic through intriguing, professional mailers sent to your target audience!

What Veterinarians are Saying

With much gratitude and appreciation I would highly recommend any and all of the services Jim Poissant offers. The company is very unique in that your direct point of contact is the same person who greets your receptionist at the front door with a smile. We have learned a valuable lesson to think smarter, not harder."

- C.A., Practice Manager

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