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Owning a Business Means Managing Employees

vha human resources buttonNo one ever went to medical school because they wanted to deal with employees - but that's the reality of managing your own practice. Let VHA Business Services take the load off your shoulders with solutions designed to make your life easier, thus giving you more time to spend on what's important - your patients.

We Help Simplify the HR Process

VHA Business Services has customizable human resources solutions to make managing your staff, and your business, simpler and more streamlined:

Annual Performance Reviews

Reviewing the performance of each staff member is important to the development of the employee as well as the growth of your business. By reviewing what each person is doing well and opportunities for improvement, employees feel like a valued member of the team and understand the expectations of their position. VHA Business Services can provide a template of an annual performance review meeting, ways to document and track progress for employees, or even perform annual performance reviews on behalf of veterinary clinic owners.

Associate DVM Contracts

Want to bring on an Associate DVM to your veterinary practice? Having a contract in place provides the veterinary practice owner the peace of mind of having the employment agreement arranged and well-documented. Associate DVM contracts cover a range of things, including length of employment, scheduled work hours, duties, compensation, benefits provided, and sometimes even a non-compete clause or termination clause. VHA Business Services helps veterinary practice owners negotiate the agreement and draft the contract, saving precious time for clinic owners.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are a must for any business, as they protect both employer and employee from misunderstandings. They also outline expectations between employer and employee, and are a useful tool for employees to reference should questions about time-off requests, holiday’s, uniforms, or policies come up. VHA Business Services consults with the veterinary practice owner to review the standard operating procedures for employees, and drafts a comprehensive, concise employee handbook for clinic use.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Veterinary clinic employees are the eyes and ears of the clinic, having the first and last contact with clients and their pets. They are the perfect individuals to ask what challenges the clinic faces and what opportunities can be taken to enhance the client experience and grow the profit of the clinic. Employee satisfaction surveys can be done entirely online, on paper, quarterly, or yearly, and results are compiled in an easy-to-read and understand format for the veterinary practice owner.

Job Descriptions

When recruiting and hiring new employees, clear job descriptions are vital. If you don’t have job descriptions in place, it can lead to confusion as to who is responsible for what in a veterinary practice. Creating consistent job descriptions that are easy to understand help both the employer and employee understand expectations when hiring for a position, annual reviews, or disciplinary action.

Labor Laws Poster Service

VHA Business Services created Labor Law Posters Pack for veterinary clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin. This ZIP file contains the necessary state labor law and federal labor law posters that must be displayed in your veterinary clinic - removing the hassle of searching for specific posters required by law to display in your business. To download, click the appropriate icon below.

Note: These Minnesota and Wisconsin Federal Labor Law Poster packs are only applicable to veterinary clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We do not have labor law posters available for veterinary clinics outside of these states at this time. VHA provides these complimentary basic local and federal labor law poster packs. Clinics should verify with their Department of Labor Office to determine if additional labor law posters are required for their place of business. To verify which posters are required for your clinic online, visit FirstStep Poster Advisor.

labor poster icon mn          wi labor law poster pack

Additional Resources:

Recruitment Services

Interested in expanding your veterinary practice and bringing on new staff? Allow VHA Business Services to expand the reach of your job opening by sharing your posting to millions of potential candidates. In addition, VHA will screen applications and perform the first interview, qualifying potential candidates on behalf of the clinic before introducing them to the veterinary practice owner. This saves time for the clinic owner and streamlines the entire recruitment process.

Wage and Benefit Analysis

Has minimum wage increased in your state, but your wages haven’t increased? Have departing employees shared the reason they are leaving is because of a lack of benefits provided? It could be time to review your veterinary clinic’s wages and benefits, to ensure they are consistent with competitors so you continually attract and retain the perfect employees. VHA Business Services reviews the industry’s latest trends and compares that to the general benefits and wages provided in your geographic area to analyze and recommend the perfect structure guaranteed to benefit both your employees and your clinic.

What Veterinarians Say

"Jim, it is difficult to express my appreciation for all you have done for me and my hospital. We started with a clinic in crisis, organizationally and financially, and one year later I am proud of the amazing team of professionals here and how well they work and play together. I love the feeling of being in control of my expenses and getting a paycheck! I'm able to practice the level of medicine that I want to. I can't thank you enough!"

- Dr. H., Clinic Owner

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