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Do You Know What Your Money is Doing at All Times?

vha finance button 2VHA Business Services is designed to help veterinary owners know where their business financials are and what they are doing at all times. Whether you want to review your fee structure, update your bookkeeping methods, or determine the overall financial health of your business, VHA Business Services can do it for you. Our staff are Certified QuickBooks Pro advisors, and we can discuss working on location at your clinic or remotely – whatever is best for you.

Let Us Help You See the Big Picture

We offer customized, affordable solutions for veterinary clinics all over the United States, helping with:

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Knowing where your money is and what it is doing is critical to the success of a veterinary practice. Our veterinary bookkeeper Carol Nelson is a certified QuickBooks Pro advisors and specialize in bookkeeping and accounting services for veterinary clinics.

If you currently work with a different accountant or have someone on staff who handles the books, VHA Business Services can work with them to review the books and develop an up-to-date standard reporting process. Monthly operating statements, balance sheets, general reports, and more will all help you, the veterinary clinic owner, understand how the stream of income is performing for your clinic and opportunities to increase profitability, decrease expenses, and improve the financial health of your business.

Payroll Services

Managing employee payroll can be very stressful because mistakes can be costly. Not only that, but all the calculations, forms, and filing are taking the time you could be spending with patients. We simplify the payroll process to save you time and money, and get you back to what you do best – caring for animals. Our process is simple: You submit your bi-weekly payroll hours, and we calculate and file each employee’s payroll, pay your payroll taxes, then send back payroll reports for your records. We help ensure your payroll paperwork is correct, employees are paid on time, and payroll tax forms are completed.

Budget Establishment and Tracking

Do you know how much your practice spends on NSAIDs? What about office supplies? Janitorial and cleaning equipment? By tracking your practice’s spending habits, clinic owners have a finger on the pulse of their business. Set yourself up for success and peace of mind by reviewing spending habits and setting achievable budgets.

We review the current bookkeeping and accounting strategies and look for opportunities to improve, optimize, and streamline the process so you can look at your financials and see quickly and easily where your budget is for the month, quarter, and year.

Business Plan Development

With over 15 years consulting with veterinary practices around the nation, our experienced team can help develop and create a powerful business plan for your veterinary practice. Business plans provide an overall, in-depth description of your business, including fee structure, location, and operation. It will also take a look at the veterinary industry as a whole and provide an analysis of the market and evaluation of the area competition. The business plan assesses risks and opportunities, marketing strategy, and reviews a variety of financials that potential business partners or buyers might be interested in.

For veterinary owners who have just purchased a practice or owners looking to sell their practice, a business plan is the perfect tool to gain an in-depth understanding of your business as a whole, and can be used to help sell the practice when the time is right.

Fee Setting

Are you a new veterinary practice owner or have been practicing for some time? It may be time to review your fee structure to ensure you’re keeping your prices competitive and fair without leaving money on the table.

VHA Business Services reviews the current pricing structure of your practice, the costs associated with each service you provide, and examines the area competition to ensure your prices are comparable. We take the guessing game out of setting fees and provide factual data to help determine the best fee structure for your clinic.

Financial Health Assessment

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a measurable value to demonstrate how well a business is achieving their goals and objectives. VHA Business Services works with veterinary clinic owners to determine what their business goals are, both short-term and long-term, and develop a KPI Dashboard that helps to easily track and monitor progress across all goals.

Practice Valuations

When planning your exit strategy, knowing the fair market value of your practice is important. It’s why a practice valuation is invaluable. Our practice valuations are one of the most comprehensive and accurate available in the industry because we provide multiple methodology. We take your data and showcase your practice’s value through traditional “Excess Earnings” method and “Snapshot” and “Expense Analysis” methods, delivered digitally in a password-protected valuation report.

Wellness Plan Development and Implementation

Create a new stream of revenue for your clinic and provide a new service to clients through wellness plans. We help practices successfully develop and implement wellness plans for all types of patients, and can assist with the ongoing marketing of wellness plans to clients.

What Veterinarians Say

"We have built the practice from a one doctor to a two doctor practice in two years. We have also changed the culture to a more structurally and efficient workplace where the staff is appreciated and enjoys the workplace environment. A happy employee = a happy client and in the end it is a win-win situation.

C.A., Practice Manager

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