April 2020 Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

April 6, 2020
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The world is much different today than it was a month ago, and we will continue to experience tumultuous change as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic. While we adjust to the changes, there is still much to celebrate and observe throughout April. However, we encourage you to use your best judgment and adjust as needed as news breaks and information becomes available.

Below are additional suggested social media posts for veterinary clinics this month. To use the posts on your page, copy and paste the text into your post. To save the image first click it, then right-click on the enlarged image and select “Save As.” These images are sized perfectly for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. 

Share Inspiration and Humor

With the times we are living in, sometimes the simplest pick-me-up can make a difference in someone’s life. Share an inspirational and/or humourous post to lighten the mood and bring a smile to your follower’s faces. 

covid 19 inspirationcovid 19 animalhumorSuggested Posts 

HumorLet’s lighten the mood and have a little fun. If you’re at home, share what your pet is doing but call them your boss. Feel free to share pictures in the comments of them! 

InspirationWe’re in this together. 

The Month of April: Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month 

lyme disease prevention aprilIt’s the beginning of the month, a great time to remind pet owners that even though we’re dealing with COVID-19 and shelter-in-place executive orders, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos have no idea and are still looking for lunch. Remind them to administer them, and if they’re running low on supplies, that they can order their preventatives through your online pharmacy or call ahead for a curbside pickup. 

Suggested Post: The world may be dealing with COVID-19, but fleas, ticks, and mosquitos have no idea and are still looking for lunch. Don’t forget to give your pet their monthly dose of preventatives, and if you need a refill, please call our clinic to set up curbside pickup, or order via our online pharmacy for contactless delivery. 

April 7: World Health Day  

World Health Day is an opportunity to remind or educate pet owners about what you are doing to ensure the safety of clients, pets, and your team during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Suggested Posts: Share a photo of a team member walking a pet into the clinic from a curbside drop-off or of smiling faces behind washable masks that were either made by a team member or donated to the clinic. You can also remind clients of your updated operating procedures when dropping pets off or picking up food or prescriptions, or what types of appointments you are seeing during shelter-in-place executive orders. 

national pet day catnational pet day dogApril 11: National Pet Day

National Pet Day is another opportunity to lighten the mood and share smiles with your followers. Engage with pet owners by asking them to share photos of their pets in the comments and a fun fact about their pet, whether it’s how they got their name, their favorite toy, etc. 

Suggested Post: Happy National Pet Day! Our pets bring so much joy into our lives, especially during the trying times we’re in. national pet day birdnational pet day rabbitShare a photo of your furry, fuzzy, scaly, or feathery friends in the comments below and one unique thing about them. We can’t wait to see them all!



April 12: Easter 

happy easter 2020

While this Easter is sure to be different than past Easter’s, it’s one that may still present dangers to pets. Remind pet owners of foods that cannot be shared with their pets, along with the reminder that lilies are not pet friendly. 

Suggested Post: Happy Easter, everyone! May you have time to celebrate the day with family and friends (from a safe distance or virtually). Don’t forget, if you have beautiful lily’s in your home to keep them up and away from pets!  

April 27: World Veterinary Day 

world veterinary day 2020Celebrate World Veterinary Day by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your team members. As much as veterinary medicine is about animals, there is an equally important human element as well. You could share photos about your team and their pets, behind-the-scenes photos at the clinic, or fun facts about each team member. If you have a large team, share a group photo or group selfie! 

Suggested Post: Happy World Veterinary Day to our friends and colleagues in the veterinary industry. We’re so proud to support so many clients and their beloved pets. Thank you for the wonderful opportunities to do so! 

If you have business questions as a result of COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team of veterinary business service experts. We stand ready to support you and your clinic through these trying times. Email bservices@veterinaryha.org at any time with your questions!