September Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

August 28, 2019
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The sounds of bus breaks squeaking and children laughing as they get off the school bus mean only one thing – it’s September! With September comes an assortment of holidays and observations you can make mention of on your veterinary clinic’s social media platforms.

Below are additional suggested social media posts for veterinary clinics this month. To use the posts on your page, copy and paste the text into your post. To save the image, first click it, then right-click on the enlarged image and select “Save As”.


Responsible Dog Ownership Month GraphicMonth of September: Responsible Dog Ownership Month

There are many ways people can (and should be) responsible dog owners. First and foremost is bringing their canines in for regular veterinary care, administering monthly preventatives, feeding a quality diet, among other things. Remind dog owners about the joy and responsibility of dog ownership and encourage social engagement by asking followers to share photos of their dogs.

Suggested Post: It’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Adopting a dog is a major responsibility, but one that brings a lifetime of joy, happiness, and love into your home. Let’s see photos of your happy pups in the comments and share your favorite ways to care for them!

Happy Healthy Cat Month GraphicMonth of September: Happy, Healthy Cat Month

Most of the time, a healthy cat is a happy cat, and there are several ways cat owners can keep their feline companions happy. Celebrate September as Happy, Healthy Cat Month sharing tips and tricks to feline care. You can also host a giveaway through the month by asking social media followers to fill out a form on your website, then randomly selecting a winner at the end of the month to win a gift basket of cat toys and treats!

Suggested Post: September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month – a holiday we think even Grumpy Cat would have supported! Celebrate your felines by sharing photos of them in the comments.

Did you know one of the easiest ways to make your cat happy is with new toys? It keeps them mentally and physically stimulated, helping to keep both their minds and body’s healthy! Another way to keep your feline healthy is through regular veterinary check-ups, ensuring their vaccinations are up-to-date and administering their monthly preventative medication. This keeps both your cat AND you happy, healthy, and safe!

National Pet Health Insurance Month CatNational Pet Health Insurance Month DogMonth of September: National Pet Health Insurance Month

For some pet owners, access to regular veterinary care seems impossible because it is simply out of budget. Share information with your followers about the pet health insurance you accept in your veterinary clinic during National Pet Health Insurance Month. Providing the best for their pets doesn’t have to be an impossible feat for your clients.

Suggested Post: DID YOU KNOW We accept most major pet health insurances? Having health insurance for your pet provides you an easy way to budget pet care costs – and avoid surprises should your pet get into something they shouldn’t. If you have questions about pet health insurance, please contact us.

Labor Day 2019September 2: Labor Day

While Labor Day is the ‘unofficial’ start to many school years, its purpose is to celebrate the grit and determination of American workers. If your veterinary clinic is closed for Labor Day, remind your followers of this and where they can seek emergency treatment should the need arise.

Suggested Post: Happy Labor Day, everyone! As a reminder, our veterinary clinic is closed today in observance of the holiday. We will open tomorrow for normal business hours. Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday!

Patriot Day 2019September 11: Patriot Day

September 11, 2001, is a day few Americans are likely to forget. Take a moment on September 11, also known as Patriot Day, to remember those who were lost and those who rose up to help others in their time of need.

Suggested Post: Today is a somber day for many Americans and one we’re likely never to forget. We honor those that were lost and extend a sincere thank you to all the brave men, women, and rescue dogs who did so much to save so many.

First Day of Fall 2019September 23: First Day of Fall

Pumpkin spice, anyone? September 23 is the official First Day of Fall and is a great day to remind pet owners that just because the seasons change doesn’t mean their preventative medicine needs end. It’s also the perfect opportunity to share how the changing season might affect their pets’ allergies, skin, and coat, too!

Suggested Post: Happy First Day of Fall, everyone! Cooler weather, scarves and boots, and pumpkin spice everything is well underway. But just because the season is changing doesn’t mean fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are taking a break! Remember that the best way to protect your pet is to provide year-round preventative medicine. If you need a new prescription or are running low on supplies, give us a call today!

World Rabies Day DogWorld Rabies Day CatSeptember 28: World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day began in 2007 to raise awareness of rabies. Rabies is a 100% preventable disease, yet more than 59,000 people around the world die from it every year. Take this day to encourage your followers to ensure their pets are vaccinated and educate on the symptoms to look for and what to do if their pet is exposed to a wild animal that may have rabies.

Suggested Post: Today is World Rabies Day. Rabies is 100% preventable, but it’s up to you to ensure your pets and loved ones are protected. How can you do this?

1) Vaccinate your pet. Rabies vaccines are required by most municipalities for dogs AND cats. But ferrets and select livestock should also be given rabies vaccines as well! Contact us today if you’re unsure of your pet’s vaccination status.

2) Avoid wild animals, especially bats. Most of the human cases in the United States have resulted from exposure of bats. If you find a bat in your home, call animal control right away.

3) Don’t let your pets roam free. This helps reduce the possibility of exposure to wild animals that may have rabies.

4) Don’t leave exposed garbage or pet food outside. This helps deter wild animals from visiting your home.

5) If you observe a wild animal acting strangely, such as excessive drooling, aggressiveness, staggering, or out when they’re not typically out (such as nocturnal animals out in the day), call animal control right away to report the type of animal, behaviors, and locations you saw.

International Rabbit DaySeptember 28: International Rabbit Day

While rabbits are a popular pet for families, it’s important for pet owners to understand that even pet rabbits need regular veterinary care. If your veterinary clinics treats rabbits, today is a perfect day to highlight that service and educate followers on the benefits of rabbit ownership.

Suggested Post: Hoppy International Rabbit Day! ? Rabbits make wonderful companions, and we love seeing their furry faces in our clinic. Rabbits are generally quiet, have distinct personalities, need less space, and are easily trained. Just remember that regular veterinary care, like spaying/neutering and dental care, is just as important for rabbits as it is for cats and dogs.

Have a pet bunny at home? Show them off in the comments!