February Social Media Posts for Veterinary Clinics

February 13, 2018
Written by  Erika Schweizer

In support of our 2018 Social Media Marketing Calendar for veterinary practices, we will be publishing monthly blogs with helpful social media posts and graphics you can use on your practice’s social media profile. There are many observances and holidays you can post about on social media every month, but for the month of February we have three listed below. You can even use the included graphic in your post, just click the image for the full size, right click, and "Save As"!

Pet Theft Awareness dog and catPet Theft Awareness Day

We observe Pet Theft Awareness Day to help keep pet owners aware of how they can protect their pet with the availability of microchipping. With an estimated 2 million pets stolen in America every year, microchipping gives pet owners the security of knowing that their pets can be ID’d if they are lost or stolen. 

You can participate in this day by educating clients about microchipping their pet and/or offering a discount on the service.

Suggested Facebook Post: Today is Pet Theft Awareness Day. Keep your animal safe by making sure you have a current ID tag as well as getting your pet microchipped. It is also a good idea to keep a current picture of your pet.  If they go missing you should:

– Contact your Veterinarian
– File a report with the police department and animal shelter.
– Post fliers. 
– Post in social media on pages such as Lost Dogs of Minnesota. 


Presidents Day Facebook PostPresident’s Day

Suggested Facebook Post: Did you know that President’s Day was originally in celebration of President George Washington’s birthday?  It was not until the 1960’s that it became known as President’s Day.  However, each state is legally allowed to call it whichever name they think best suits the holiday. 

Although, you won’t be getting any mail and your kids are probably not at school today, we are open and look forward to seeing you and your pets!

World Spay DayWorld Spay Day

The last Tuesday in February marks the 24th Annual World Spay Day and there are many things that you can do as a veterinarian or clinic to participate in World Spay Day, including: 

  • Educating clients via social media, email, or in clinic, about why their animals should be spayed/neutered.
  • Provide discounts on spay/neuters performed on World Spay Day or during that week.
  • Offer a gift for spay/neuters performed on World Spay Day or during that week.
  • Volunteer for a shift at a mobile or low cost spay/neuter facility.
Suggested Facebook Post: In honor of World Spay Day, we want to take a moment to remind you of how important it is to have your pet spayed or neutered. Many animals are euthanized needlessly every day. See why you should neuter your pet today!


Call today to make an appointment to get your pet spayed or neutered.  Appointments made during World Spay Day (today!) will receive a 10% discount.