2018 Social Media Marketing Calendar for Veterinary Clinics

February 6, 2018
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A large part of any good marketing plan is content, whether it's the content that you fill your emails with, post on your website, or share on social media. Without quality content, effectively marketing your practice can become difficult.

However, in the midst of caring for patients, handling clients, and completing other important business management tasks, sometimes creating quality (and fun) content for visitors can get put on the backburner. This is especially true for when you sit down to write something and your mind goes blank.

Veterinary Hospitals Association has developed it's complimentary 2018 Social Media Marketing Calendar for veterinary clinics. If you are looking for fun 'holidays' to share on your social media accounts or use as a piece to write a helpful blog post around, this free marketing calendar will be useful. Also included are monthly observances, social media ideas you can use in your marketing plan, and upcoming veterinary events to consider attending.

Included are fun days to celebrate, including Unique Names Day (March 6), Star Wars Day (May 4), Best Friend Day (June 8), and Go Cook for Your Pets Day (November 8). These types of events are perfect to share on social media to ask your followers to comment, like, and share. You can also host contests around them to boost engagement, such as, "Share your pets dressed in their Star Wars best, and the pet with the most votes will win!".

There are also important dates and observances featured as well, including National Heartworm Awareness Month (April), Pet Fire Safety Day (July 15), Check the Chip Day (August 15), and World Rabies Day (September 28). These types of observances are perfect opportunities for blog post content to explain the importance of preventative care, microchipping, and planning for emergencies. Once the content is created on your website, it can then become social media posts and even Facebook ads!

For a quick marketing plan you can utilize for the holidays and observances in our calendar, consider:

  • Social media posts, including Facebook and Instagram;
  • Creating custom graphics to utilize across social media (Canva is a great free tool to use!);
  • A brief fun or informational blog you can post to your website;
  • And a brief email to send to your clients alerting them of the special day, why it's important, and a call to action to visit your clinic if appropriate.


Download the 2018 Social Media Marketing Calendar now!

2018 Social Media Marketing Calendar from VHA

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