How to Use Branded Products to Market Your Practice

August 9, 2017
Written by  Positive Impressions

Promotional products have come a long way. These days you can easily promote your veterinary practice with items that go far beyond pens and useless plastic toys. Everything from customized holiday cards to branded stickers and postcards are now available for you to create brand awareness and boost sales. While large corporations have been utilizing promotional products for years, small brands can get in on the action and truly benefit from merchandising too. Your business can use branded merchandise to achieve specific objectives like grooming/boarding services, new staff introductions, new services, and so much more.

branded materialsHave Clear Objectives
When you are choosing which branded products to use, consider your motive for the promotion. For example, branded postcards and reminder cards could be best used for promoting grooming and boarding services, while customized stickers and brochures might be best for announcing new information or services offered.

When you set clear objectives and select the right merchandise for your target audience and promotion, you can generate a valuable return on investment. Bear in mind that going the extra mile and making your most loyal customers feel valued, for example by sending a branded sympathy card after the passing of a beloved pet, could potentially give you as much of a return as an online advertising campaign or a direct mailing - both of which can cost hundreds of dollars.

There are two main types of promotional items and both can make a huge impact for your business – it all comes down to distribution. Higher valued promotional items are impactful when you are going for a targeted marketing campaign. These are great for distribution at conferences or networking or even special occasions (i.e. sympathy cards and holiday cards). Alternatively, promotional brochures and stickers left on your counter for customers to pick up at their leisure or placed inside mailings, are informative and can create a positive impression. You may be surprised how sending cute branded stickers, sympathy cards and personalized holiday cards can really help to encourage repeat sales and boost word-of-mouth recommendations. Be sure to test small quantities of promotional materials to see which ones work the best. Don’t hesitate to ask customers where they heard of you or why they decided to sign up for your newsletter or come in for your services!

The following are some of the most popular ways to use branded products to market your practice:

Promote Business
It should go without saying that branded products – whatever they may be – are a fantastic way to get noticed. Everything from your company name to brand logo and colors can be promoted with creative and impactful promotional materials. Getting your name out to the public can be done in a variety of ways from postcards and brochures to newsletters and stickers. Regardless of your marketing budget, there are numerous promotional materials to help your brand get noticed.

Monthly Promotions
Have a monthly promotion? Let your customers know with reminder cards or reminder stickers they can put on their calendars. Have brochures and business cards readily available to your current customers so they can help get the word out for you.pi calendar

Branded newsletters, whether distributed through email or direct mail, are a fantastic way to inform your current customers about new products and services. E-newsletters can be shared and forwarded while direct mailings are sure to get read by your loyal customers. Both options have positive aspects and are sure to make an impact.

New Location Announcement
Did your clinic or hospital move locations? Be sure your customers and potential customers know! Get the word out with branded postcards and brochures.You may even want to send “We’re Moving!” postcards prior to a move and then “We’ve Moved!” reminder postcards once you have settled in to the new location.

New Services & New Staff
From new vet techs and doctors to new services, your customers need to know what’s going on at your location. You can keep them in the loop with promotional postcards and brochures. You may even want to include a coupon for a new service to ensure they come in! 

Grooming/Boarding Services
Your customers may bring their pets in for sick visits and yearly checkups without even realizing you offer grooming and boarding services. Be sure they know with postcards and mailings. Occasion postcards and holiday cards are a great way to remind your customers of these services.

The many types of branded materials can be used in endless ways for your logo to stand out and your brand to get noticed. Boosting sales and driving business is easier than ever with these creative and unique options. For customized promotional materials at special VHA member pricing, contact Positive Impressions!